This is a new blog that I will be starting to host some of my father’s archive of work.

Eric worked on so many subjects in his career in politics and his unbending commitment to universal human rights. Here is a list of just some of the things I can remember him doing:

Helping to gain British citizenship for people born out of wedlock to one British parent, the abolition of Blasphemous Libel, exposing the Sandline arms affair, passing the Caravan Sites Act 1968, Founding the Parliamentary Human Rights Group, going on country visits on behalf of Amnesty International throughout the 1970s, helping to gain asylum for thousands of vulnerable asylum seekers, raising awareness about the crimes of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, fighting for democratic reform in Bahrain, winning the Ahmadiyya Muslim peace prize 2009, the National Secular Society award 2009, contributing to campaigns to lower the voting age, to legalise gay marriage, to outlaw caste discrimination, writing books on the oppression of the Kurds, the Iranian democratic opposition, the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the state of Somaliland, removing the SUS laws in the early 80s, supporting the struggles of Bolivian miners, Indian Dalits, Kashmiris, West Papuans, advocating for LGBT asylum seekers, Roma gypsies and British/Irish Travellers, Pakistan’s Hazaras, the Baha’i, he campaigned to stop the detention of child asylum seekers, to end Indonesian occupation of East Timor…

So I will be slowly trying to upload materials here which could be of use to people working on these topics. Bear with me, as this will take some time.

John Lubbock – 26 February 2016

http://www.johnlubbock.com – @jwsal


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