Democracy at Gunpoint (1995)

A Parliamentary Human Rights Group publication about the Kurdish issue in Turkey and the repression of democratic forces in that country.


The Güçlükonak Massacre (1996)

This killing of ten people by state security forces in Sirnak province in Turkey’s South East was blamed by the government on the PKK. Local testimony however showed that it was more likely to have been committed by the military. There is no Wikipedia page as yet for this incident, and if nobody creates one soon, I might do it. At least they will be able to refer to this source. Other sources can be found here and here.

Human Rights Delegation to the Kurdish Region of Turkey, 15-22 April 1992

Here are the pages of a report published by ‘Kurdish Intellectuals’ in 1992 of the findings of a report on violations of human rights in the Kurdish region of Turkey. The members of the delegation were Lord Avebury, Michael Feeney, Louise Christian, Dr Bridget Hughes, David Sharrock, Simon Grey and Andrew Penny.

There are many reports that Eric wrote which were published before digitisation, and most of them are much longer than this one, so it will take me a long time to digitise them all. This report is quite relevant to what is going on in Eastern Turkey in 2016, where civilians are being killed by the Turkish military in the same cities mentioned in this report such as Cizre.